Intentional genetic tinkering of living species has been around for centuries, ever since the first human mated two individual animals with desirable traits or grafted together two different plants with complementary features. Our greater understanding of genetics has only sped up the process and made it more targeted. What is it that we are ultimately striving for? Perfection? What does perfection even mean? Doesn’t it shift over time and between cultures? And can perfection be quantified?

In contemplating these messy questions, FormNation has turned to the chair, that universal touchstone of design. What if we apply the science of genetic engineering to an inanimate object? By crossbreeding individual chairs with desirable traits do we eventually end up with the ultimate chair? Can there even be a perfect chair, given our always-changing demands as users? To find out, we developed Chairgenics: a continually evolving modeling experiment.


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